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Custom Orthotics

make a difference.
We have the wide range of orthotics shoes to select from. With the expert advice of our doctors.

SBK Shoes & Orthotics

You spend a whole lot of time on your feet, so it makes sense that you’re going to want the best support possible all throughout your day. SBK Shoes & Orthotics is your one-stop shop for the best quality shoe orthotics, and we guarantee you will be feeling much better when you shop our products.

Arch Support

Shock Absorption

Motion Control

Comfort and Support

Comfortable to You

Why do people need orthotics?

Orthotics are for people who need extra foot support. The need for extra support could come from a person’s foot being physically different from an average foot, such as foot arches that are either too high or too low. Different arch types place pressure on different parts of the foot with every step a person takes.

How can Orthotics help?

Orthotics are not simply something you purchase over the counter and stick in your shoe; though these kinds of products do exist, a real custom orthotic is exactly that, custom. A real orthotic is customized to fit YOUR foot in every sense of the word. It is moulded to exactly match your foot’s curves and lines.

SBK Shoes & Orthotics is a professional clinic, equipped with licensed chiropodists to help you treat your foot concerns through the use of orthotics,

At Your Service

Diabetic Footcare

Diabetic foot is a possible complication of diabetes.

Fungal treatment

We provide all kind of Fungal Treatments.

Compression stockings/socks

Compression stockings/socks are specially made stretchy socks …





At SBK we provide all types of orthotics footwares.

Body Braces

SBK specialise in upper body braces & support products in Canada.

Infracare Socks

Infracare cold feet socks are the best solution for cold feet.

Insurance Filling

We work with all major insurance companies.




What People Say About Us

“I really love the two pairs of orthotics SBK advises me to buy. Best Orthotics I have ever had. My new neuroma is gone. Thank you.”

– Brandon A.

“I was skeptical at first but now I am so happy. My back and my feet pain is gone. Thank you for your service.”

Mary V.

“The best Orthotics we have ever worn. It’s an amazing work. We are going to order the second pair. If you are thinking about ordering from this service, stop it and just do it now. It will change your life.”

– Peter M.

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